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Looking for that spark of brilliance, that right colour palate or furniture placement? This is how we transform houses into places that we can truly feel at home in. We cannot all be experts at this, there is no shame in that.

You need an extra pair or eyes, a few extra pairs of hands. At Swansea Paint Decor, we provide just the right fit for the job you have at hand. All painters and decorators are chosen based on a proven track record of providing exceptional service to clients across Swansea. 

Whatever your budget may be, there is a painter or decorator who can help. You don’t know just how much of a different a fresh coat of paint, in just the right colours, in just the right walls in a home can do for you. It’s time to refresh your house’s look and make it a home again.

Perhaps you have just moved into a new property and want to transform it? Maybe you have been in a place too long, and just need some change? We all need some change every now and then. It’s surprising what some of these decorators can do with that old space you have long given up on.


The services range from a single room transformation to turning your entire house into a tonic for tired eyes. You deserve to want to come home. Spice up your home, you deserve to have a place you look forward to seeing at the end of a long day.

You deserve to enjoy your home time at home. Life has enough worries already. Your home should not be one of them. Let Swansea Paint Decor help you get your project started.

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